Returns and Market Corrections

Returns and Market Corrections August 12, 2021    |    Sage Capone Helping clients understand that money management is not short-term but a long-term process. Whenever I meet with new, existing or prospective clients, I make sure to develop their risk tolerance along with providing them a Hawaii Financial Plan or Financial Blueprint. In preparation, […]

Market Outlook, 2nd Quarter 2021

Market Outlook, 2nd Quarter 2021 April 7, 2021    |    Sage Capone Key Points for Retirement Planning with Hawaii Investors  Fiscal Stimulus: The stimulus efforts are much larger than what was used to counteract the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. Interest Rates: The large stimulus plans are pushing up inflation expectations and in turn […]

January Barometer on Market

January Barometer on Market February 5, 2021    |    Sage Capone Game Stopped  The narrative to end January was a wild short squeeze in the stock of Gamestop. By shorting a stock, traders such as hedge funds sell stock they do not own. If the price goes higher, they are forced to buy the […]

Tax Increases and Stocks

Tax Increases and Stocks January 22, 2021    |    Sage Capone Recently, I have received several calls from Hawaii Investors on concerns of potential tax increases and if they could have negative consequences for the stock market. Since 1950, there have been 13 cases of either personal, corporate or capital gains tax rate increases […]

Market Outlook 2021

Market Outlook 2021 January 8, 2021    |    Sage Capone First Quarter 2021 Key Points Year in Review: While 2020 was an extraordinary year, with the help of fiscal and monetary policy the global economic restart is underway. Economic Restart: The pandemic is an external shock to the economy and in the long run […]

December Market Tendencies

December Market Tendencies November 29, 2020    |    Sage Capone As the holidays approach, I wanted to give a quick update on market tendencies around this time of year. Investing in December for your Hawaii retirement has historically been a positive return for the market. Since 1987 from the market close on the Friday […]

Hawaii Target Retirement Fund Flaws

Hawaii Target Retirement Funds Have Critical Flaws November 13, 2020 (Updated 6/22/2021)    |    Sage Capone Target retirement date funds are usually found in defined contribution plans, primarily for 401(k)’s for Hawaii Employees.  All the major fund Hawaii companies have their version and these funds currently hold more than 2 trillion dollars in retirement assets.  […]

Market Response to a Contested Presidential Election

Market Response to a Contested Presidential Election November 3, 2020    |    Sage Capone There has been some talk with my Hawaii Investors about a contested election so I thought it might be a good idea to review how the markets moved during the 2000 contested election.   The key dates for an election: November […]

Market Watch: S&P 500 Market Cap vs. Equal-Weight​

Market Watch: S&P 500 Market Cap vs. Equal-Weight August 4, 2020    |    Sage Capone There’s been a lot of distortions in the economy and market this year for Hawaii investors, but none more visible than the market cap weighted S&P 500 compared to the rest of the market. The S&P 500 is up […]

Market Outlook, 4th Quarter

Market Outlook, 4th Quarter October 6, 2020    |    Sage Capone Key Points for Retirement Planning with Hawaii Investors  Election: The historical evidence on Presidential elections suggest they have a much smaller impact on markets than most investors think. Tech Stocks: Technology stocks have led this market higher but ran out of steam at […]