Dividend Stocks, Inflation and Federal Reserve

Dividend Stocks, Inflation and Federal Reserve Investing Viewpoints Remember to Zoom Out and Focus on The Financial Plan for The Long Run Stocks with Increased Dividends Tend to Outperform the Overall Market1 Federal Reserve is Committed to Returning Inflation to 2% Objective Market Perspective The headlines are impossible to ignore, and they make you second […]

Timeless Investing Lessons

Timeless Investing Lessons As a Hawaii Financial Advisor, I am always looking for ways to learn by reading and listening to investment books from some of the greatest investors. To understand some of their lessons I’m going to share a few of their famous quotes that make you understand their philosophy. Warren Buffet: “Be greedy […]

Always Think Long-Term

Average Returns After Fed Rate Hike of 0.50%

Always Think Long-Term The Value of Patience In Investing As we reevaluate our portfolio performance and see negative returns, remind yourself that you’re investing for the long-term and to participate in our market’s economic growth for the future. As I’ve written in prior articles, market return over the long-term historically has been positive in a […]

April Market Returns

April Market Returns Historically According to LPL Research, April is historically a very strong month for market returns in the market. Reviewing the chart below shows the trend from 1950-2021 with average returns in the S&P 500. Even with this great research, I remain cautious as we have many headwinds that could cause stagflation. Stagflation […]

How Rising Interest Rates Will Affect You and Your Investments

How Rising Interest Rates Will Affect You and Your Investments As we have all seen in the last month, the government is slowly edging up interest rates. What will this mean for you and your savings accounts or investment portfolio? What has been seen in past decades is when rates increase financial markets often move […]

Market Risk From World Events

Figuring Out Your Stock Market Risk During Geopolitical Events How Do Crises Affect Investments? We are monitoring market conditions closely as geopolitical events unfold. It is important to remember that when we build risk-appropriate portfolios, we consider all of market history. By using market history as a guide, it allows us to quantify the expected […]

Market Sentiment Spring 2022

Market Sentiment for Spring 2022 Rate Hikes, Inflation, Russia – How Will They Affect Your Stock Values? As each day passes, it seems inflation, geopolitical conflict and the Federal Reserve’s next decision captures the headline of every major newspaper that can make investors panic and debate how these decisions will affect their individual portfolios. Rate […]

Value of a Hawaii Financial Advisor

What is the Value of Hiring a Hawaii Financial Advisor? Getting More From a Local Financial Planner The Value of Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Estate Planning and Tax Planning is inherently different and unique to the strategy for each individual family. Why? Because the planning and services provided for each client are never exactly the […]

1st Quarter 2022 Market Outlook

Sage Financial Investments in Honolulu, HI

1st Quarter 2022 Market Outlook What Hawaii Investors Should Know January 4, 2022    |    Sage Capone Key Points for Hawaii Investors’ Retirement Planning Happy New Year! As we begin the year, I would like to share with you the Market Outlook. Key Points 2022 is a year of transition from recovery boom back […]

Infrastructure Bill and The US Dollar

Infrastructure Bill and The US Dollar November 23, 2021    |    Sage Capone Infrastructure Bill President Biden signed the new 1.2 trillion-dollar Infrastructure Bill. The photo below provides a good breakdown of some of the designated beneficiaries. The bill combines traditional infrastructure with spending on new energy sources and over 100 billion dollars on digital […]