Appointment Process

First Appointment

Develop a personal financial profile with individual investment needs and objectives, risk tolerance, and time frame. We request that you bring in the most current statements for retirement accounts, life insurance, investment, social security, pension, real estate records and planned monthly expenses.

Second Appointment

Review clients’ current financial state and provide strategies and solutions with a personalized asset allocation based on client needs and objectives. Listening and answering any questions that client addressed in the first meeting.

Third Meeting

Implement a well-diversified portfolio and assist client with a structure that is in their best interest with personalized service. Please remember to bring beneficiary information, along with photo identification for yourself.

Path Meeting

Scheduling one to four appointments per year with the client to monitor the client’s financial strategy to remain consistent with personal and business goals.

Opening a New Account

All Electronic Process May Be Selected with Brookstone and TD Ameritrade

  1. Open Account with Brookstone and Custodian TD Ameritrade
  2. Transfer Assets with your authorization from Current Custodian or Broker
  3. Invest and Actively Manage Client Assets with Built-in Risk Management

Compliance Process with Brookstone Capital Management

  1. Complete Client Information Gathering Form and Review all Clients’ Personal and Business Goals to Properly Align the Strategy that Matches Uniquely to The Client.
  2. Complete a Risk Profile Questionnaire Form that Determines your Risk Tolerance and The Type of Investment that fits your Investment Style.
  3. Select a Client Portfolio that is Dynamically Blended with a Strategy and Recommendation that is Appropriate to your Time Horizon and Goals.
  4. Review All Associated Fees with WRAP Account that includes all transaction costs, management fees, advisory fees and custodian fees. For a complete description of investment risks, fees and services, review the Brookstone Capital Management firm brochure (ADV Part 2A) which is available from your Investment Advisor Representative or by contacting Brookstone Capital Management.

  5. Analyze the Client Proposal and Documentation to ensure Accuracy of All Information with Investment Design to Ensure Timely Reporting and Communication. 
  6. Sign Documents in Person or with DocuSign 

Application Process with TD Ameritrade

  1. Start Account Application with TD Ameritrade
  2. Choose Multiple Account Types and Sub Types
  3. Provide All Applicable Information for Application
  4. Have Beneficiary Information Selected
  5. Review Data and Make Changes if Needed
  6. Sign Documents in Person or with DocuSign