Our annual fee is 0.75% or 0.0006% monthly for investment accounts managed. 

Consultation is free of charge. Fees will vary based on the complexity of your needs, subject to the following schedules. Not all fees will apply in all situations. We pride ourselves on being straightforward with you regarding fees prior to service. 

Fee Based Advisory Services

A financial plan is provided for an up-front flat fee ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 depending on complexity with a minimum quarterly retainer fee of $125 for continuous monitoring and updating of the plan.  Hourly financial planning is available at a rate of $250 per hour.  Tax Planning and Estate Planning may be subject to separate fee schedules. 

Investment Account Fees

Investments managed by Sage Financial Investments, LLC in the stock market are subject to the following fee schedules.  Money invested in unmanaged assets, insurance products, or accounts outside of Sage Financial Investments, LLC are not charged the investment account fee.  There are no trading fees or sales loads.  Fees are deducted directly from the account monthly.  Individual investments may have their own fees, see the prospectus and ask your advisor for details. 

Insurance Products

Sage Financial Investments, LLC advisors are paid a commission when a client purchases an insurance product such as life insurance, long term care insurance, health insurance, or annuities. The commissions vary from product to product and are disclosed in writing prior to purchase. Each policy may have its own fees disclosed in writing prior to purchase. We extend our fiduciary standards to all insurance transactions.  


Up to $500,000

Next $500,000


Brookstone Fee




Advisor Fee




Total Annual Fee (Deducted Monthly)




Additional Fees (Account Idle, Not Invested) 

All accounts will be charged a monthly $8 fee, subject to change based on the terms, conditions, and fees of providers. These fees will be deducted automatically from client accounts and shall be used by Brookstone to utilize software allowing BCM and its Investment Advisor Representatives to consolidate all accounts through a portfolio accounting system and create consolidated, on-demand performance reports. The fee is charged regardless of whether the technology is used or not. As a courtesy, for any client accounts below $8,000 in AUM, BCM will proportionately reduce this monthly fee by $1 per every $1,000.