The process is designed to protect and grow wealth. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and aims to limit significant drawdowns. Our goal is to build long-term investments that experience the power of compounded returns.

The depth and breadth of our investment platform is a considerable advantage in strategizing clients’ current financial picture and future financial goals—and their tolerance for risk.


By completing a Risk Profile Questionnaire (RPQ), we make it clear to both advisor and investor what investment solutions are best suited to individual investors, from conservative to aggressive risk tolerances. While there are several other factors to consider along with the results of the RPQ, it does help serve as a guide to building an overall financial solution.

Don’t confuse “percentage” returns with DOLLAR returns

Investors are often asked to focus on annualized percentage returns, but this can divert them from the ultimate long-term goal: cumulative dollar returns. By not taking into account market downturns that can sometimes be masked by percentage return performance, it can be difficult to see the long-term effect market declines have on a portfolio’s ability to experience compounded growth.