Get a Second Opinion

Are you interested in knowing if your current investments match your risk tolerance? Is your portfolio risky or conservative? Is it aligned with your goals? A second opinion financial analysis can tell you exactly where you are currently with your investments.

Let’s say your personal goals are you want to retire in 10 years. As an Investment Advisor Representative, I would need to complete a financial profile to help you reach that goal. In order to conduct a complete analysis, I will have you complete a personal confidential information about your cash flow with income, expenses and liabilities. Let’s say you want to be in a conservative account, moderate account or an aggressive account. You want to make sure that your investments right now match your investment objectives. If you want to retire in 10 years and you are 60 years old. Maybe you don’t want to be in an aggressive portfolio.

So, I’m sure you’ve been working with your current advisor for a long time and you have a good relationship with him. Maybe you golf with him and you trust him. But a second opinion will give you an honest review of where you are currently with your financial situation. Let’s say you go to the doctor and you have a pain. I got a little pain. You go to the doctor and he tells you something you don’t want to hear. It’s perfectly fine for you to go across the street and get a second opinion from another doctor and see what they say.

That’s what I’m offering everybody that is considering a second opinion. If you have somebody you’re working with, I’m sure you’re happy with what you got. But by getting a second opinion, I can show where your investments are currently and if your goals are aligned. I will give you an honest opinion with a no pressure and no obligation appointments.

If you want to retire in 10 years, you can’t afford to be in a risky portfolio. Maybe your current advisor has your money managed in a risky portfolio and it doesn’t match your personal objectives and goals. Again, I’m not asking for you to give all your business away if you want to keep what you have with your current advisor. I just want an opportunity to meet with you. I want an opportunity to show you if your investments that you have right now match your investment objectives. Give me an opportunity to meet with you today for an honest review!

Financial Planning

Asset Management is an ongoing process to help you make effective decisions about your money that can help you achieve your own personal and business goals. We implement an investment strategy with a risk-managed approach with your individual goals in mind.

Tax Planning

Sage Financial Investments is a premiere member of the United Cloud Partners Services Network. We are proud to operate in an exclusive, private, and secure, IRS Circular 230 compliant communications infrastructure to submit all state and federal tax preparation work documents. Your tax and financial data are secure with our firm.

Insurance Planning

Whether you require disability income, critical illness, permanent coverage or long-term care insurance. Planning with the right products for everyone’s needs and wants can prevent you from burdening your loved ones as your reach the golden years.

Estate Planning

Our skilled plan attorneys will develop and implement a plan that will protect your family’s assets and preserve wealth for your beneficiaries. A comprehensive estate plan will give you the peace of mind that your estate is distributed and managed with your special intentions.

Retirement (IRAs)

Implementing a retirement plan can help you replace employment income upon retirement. The earlier you begin planning, the more you can compound and save towards financial freedom. Don’t wait, start the conversation today to plan for your future. 

Business 401K & 403B Plans

A 401K is retirement savings plan that is sponsored by an employer. It allows workers to save and invest part of their paycheck before taxes are withdrawn. Let us conduct a free analysis to see if an alternative lower-cost fund will better suit your company and employees.