Financial Planning Services | Honolulu, Hawaii

From Investment Management to Retirement Planning & More

Financial Planning, especially for Hawaii residents, often needs to take in many different areas – Investments, Insurance, Retirement Plans and even Tax Planning.

Our Financial Advisors have the knowledge, training and experience to handle it all for you.

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping Hawaii residents like you with complete services to provide peace of mind and security, including:

  • Investment Guidance & Management
  • Insurance Needs, like Long Term Care & Life Insurance
  • Retirement Planning & Retirement Income
  • Estate Plans that take care of your loved ones

You can go to our pages on Retirement Planning, Second Opinion Services, Financial Planning for Life Transitions or learn about our Wealth Management Process for Clients.

Below is a brief overview of our Services to give you an idea of what we can do for you at Sage Financial Services.

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Financial Planning

Asset Management is an ongoing process to help you make effective decisions about your money so you achieve your personal and business goals.

We implement an investment strategy with a risk-managed approach to reach your financial goals.

Tax Planning

Sage Financial Investments is partnered with Tax Professionals that can help you securely file your IRS Circular 230 compliant communications infrastructure to submit all state and federal tax preparation work documents.

We ensure that your tax and financial data are secure, every step of the way.

Insurance Planning

Whether you require disability income, critical illness, permanent coverage or long-term care insurance, we can help.

Planning with the right products for everyone’s needs and wants can prevent you from burdening your loved ones as your reach the golden years.

It’s a gift to those you love the most.

Estate Planning

Our skilled plan attorneys develop and implement a plan that will protect your family’s assets and preserve wealth for your beneficiaries.

A comprehensive estate plan will give you the peace of mind that your estate – money, home(s), assets – is distributed and managed according to your wishes, not the State’s.

Retirement Income

Implementing a retirement plan can help you replace employment income you lose when you retire.

The sooner you begin planning, the more you can compound and save towards financial freedom.

Don’t wait. Start the conversation today to plan for your future. 

Business 401K & 403B Plans

Are You a Business Owner? A 401K is a retirement savings plan for employees that is sponsored by employers.

It allows them to save and invest part of their paycheck before taxes are withdrawn.

We do a Free Analysis to see if an alternative lower-cost fund will better suit your company and employees.  

Start Your Financial Plan Today

Contact us now for a complimentary consultation and learn what the opportunities are for your investments or for planning for a more secure retirement. We look forward to speaking with you.