The process is designed to protect and grow wealth. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and aims to limit significant drawdowns. Our goal is to build long-term investments that experience the power of compounded returns. The depth and breadth of our investment platform is a considerable advantage in strategizing clients’ current financial picture and future financial goals—and their tolerance for risk.

Are you interested in knowing if your current investments match your risk tolerance? Is your portfolio risky or conservative? Is it aligned with your goals? A second opinion financial analysis can tell you exactly where you are currently with your investments.  I will give you an honest opinion with a no pressure and no obligation appointments.

Top 5 Questions People Ask Us

How are you different?

Sage is a Fiduciary that mandates him as an investment advisor representative to act in the best interest of the client in making recommendations of securities. Lack of transparency and conflicts of interest plague the world of investment advice. Choosing to work with an investment advisor representative (or financial advisor) who will act as your fiduciary helps to eliminate the common problems associated with salespeople who are product focused and commissioned-based.

How do you make money?

As a Fiduciary, we tell you exactly how much we are getting paid. A fee is more transparent than hidden commissions and expenses. Advisory clients are charged a monthly fee for assets under management while insurance products pay a commission.

Are you licensed?

Sage Capone is a Hawaii Financial Advisor (a.k.a. Investment Advisor Representative) Series 65 Licensed. Sage is also a licensed health, life, property and accident insurance agent in the State of Hawaii.

Do you have any affiliation with any insurance companies?

Sage Financial Investments, LLC advisors are paid a commission when a client purchases an insurance product such as a life insurance, long term care insurance, health insurance, or annuities. The commissions vary from product to product and are disclosed in writing prior to purchase. Each policy may have its own fees disclosed in writing prior to purchase.

Why should I work with Sage Financial Investments?

Sage Financial Investments’ goal is to help clients succeed with strategy diversification. Limit large losses and grow client accounts in a competitive manner. We have investment flexibility with an approach that utilizes a selection of innovative, actively managed investment strategies, each with its own built-in risk management methodology. We believe it gives investors the opportunity to experience both performance and protection.